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Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to alter my site for My eStore to work?
My eStore works with your site now. It's secure cloud based ecommerce. You don't need to change anything on your site. Click here to see how My eStore looks like on your site now, you just type in your url and click "Check it out!".

How do I enable My eStore on my site?
After registering and uploading your products, you click the "Export eStore" from the menu. From there you choose what type of site you have and it will automatically generate the code required to be pasted into your site.

Do I need to upload any files or configure a database?
We securely host everything: files, images and databases. Our servers are optimized to handle any load. You don't have to worry about anything. We even optimize the cache settings to reduce bandwidth usage, allowing high traffic usage on your account.

Are there any discounts?
We offer a 12% discount on yearly plans. Make sure you ask us about it when you want to upgrade.

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